Welcome to We are tests and reviewing cell phone's spying apps. Currently, we have a tendency to put a fingerprint lock or face unlock on our smartphones to keep our private discussions safe from intruding eyes of our annoying friends however now we can simply lock the WhatsApp software altogether by enabling the new Touch ID and Face ID feature. The latest WhatsApp feature is currently available on iPhone 5s or later while on iOS 9 and above beginning with today. Unfortunately, the feature has not been rolled out for Android devices as of this moment, but after the testing is complete, we will see the feature on Android phones as well.

Jayanti Katariya is a Creator and CEO of Moon Technolabs, a leading Top Mobile App Development Company specialised in MacOS and iPhone application development. We are providing Mobile application and Web development services to worldwide at affordable rate. From then on, you can choose any location you want on the fake GPS app, and when you send where you are on WhatsApp, it'll be that fake location which you chose.

To protect your privacy, you may use an instrument, - Erase (iOS) to selectively and completely erase the info you want. As we have mentioned previously, deleting messages is not, alone, enough. They can still be recovered unless you use a specialist tool, like the one provided by , to ensure that the messages are truly beyond recovery. Post was very good and approachable. I have KitKat version can I use gbwhatsapp? But I am unable to install reply.

WhatsApp consumes loads of data and can complete the allowance of a data pack very quickly. To conserve money and also restrict data usage, one can established a data limitation limit in the app settings. WhatsApp has began letting you receive and send documents too. While photos and videos are allowed for sure, PDF, Excel and Term files may also be sent. Simply attach the document to your chat and share your articles. WhatsApp is rumoured to also allow GIF data files in a short while.

You understand what's much better than replying to WhatsApp text messages on your telephone? Doing it on an effective keyboard. And this one also has the added advantage of not burning up any data. Well, assuming you're at the job, no data you're paying for. Theoretically, all communications on WhatsApp are private - but not when you leave your phone up for grabs, and a new message notification pops up. However there's a way to carefully turn off the preview area of the message, so the notification only shows who's messaged you but not what they're messaging you about.

Yep, a number of people find out about this feature too, but it's useful in any case. Want to save lots of a contact's message for later? Then keep down on the relevant message and touch the star icon to add it to your starred messages" directory website. Next, mouse click the following website page on the Download for Android from our Site" and hit the best green download button to download theapk file to your desktop. You are unable to download the app from the Play Store website as it will give you a caution message - Your device isn't compatible with this version".
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