Looking for the latest WhatsApp Techniques? Your telephone will be connected to your You may have some old video games hidden on your mobile phone you've either finished or don't play any longer. Angry Birds? 2048? Chocolate Crush? Go on and delete them. You are able to do that within Manage Storage by tapping on the app. This might be the feature which some people desperately wants plus some absolutely not. I tried to include a whole stand-alone group panel that may differentiate group chats with individual chats.

In such cases, you can always opt so you can get your Android notifications sent straight you to your PC. Apps such as Desktop Notifications and Pushbullet will send any notifications you to get on your Android device right to your PC. All smartphones are supported, including Android and Apple devices. Head to Settings > Account > Personal privacy > Last Seen. Once you tap the last seen option, you should have three choices. Tap on Nobody to ensure no one sees your last seen.

Android uses may possibly also send whole WhatsApp chat background from WhatsApp via email. Go through the "Menu" option in a discussion, and then go to "More" and select "Email discussion" before entering the address of recipient. WhatsApp will create a contact with the whole text conversation, including pictures, tone of voice or video calls. Download the latest version of Whatsapp GB apk from above links. You should download the latest version for a few new features. If the latest apk is not working on your mobile phone, then download GBWhatsapp apk old version.

But do you know what is potentially the most frustrating thing about the HELLA addictive app? The actual fact that the receiver can see when you've read a note. iOS and Android: Settings > Accounts > Request Account Info > Demand Report. Similarly, it's also possible to make WhatsApp message italics, which is ideal for emphasis. Likewise, using another trick you can also send communications without opening WhatsApp. Meaning, your WhatsApp last seen will not change as well as your friends won't be able to see your online status.

Another useful WhatsApp tip is to mark all of your important text messages as Favourite to make it easier to locate them in future. Just long press on the message you wish to mark and Zenwriting.net then choose the Star" option. you can find all Starred Messages" in WhatsApp configurations. They are WhatsApp Hacks - So, WhatsApp is way more than something that it appears to be, hence proved.
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