The Iphone 4S gives you to receive and send messages and carry out phone calls using a number of different formats. If you want to send a message to multiple people (like an invitation), you don't have to separately send it to each recipient. You can create a broadcast list to send the messages to all or any of the connections in the list and also see their replies. Just tap on the primary menu on the top-right part and choose New broadcast" from it. Now add people to the list and tap on Create." You can send text messages to these folks and get their replies in the same place.

Considering that everything is set up, simplemente haga clic en el siguiente sitio de internet to start a payment open up the talk of the contact that you want to send the money to and then tap on the attachments button. Here, you will see a new Payment" option. Tap on it and then get into the money that you would like to send. On another page, verify with your UPI PIN and the money will be delivered.

Stay Humble: It's a tag of Koum's "good-guy-edness" that his product has more active users than Tweets, and we're only finding out about him now. He has consistently prevented the limelight, stayed out of the public eyes and centered on his product first. In the same interview at the D: Dive Into Mobile meeting, he said he's concerned he's wasting time being interviewed when he should be responding to customer service email messages. Predicated on what I've read about him, it generally does not seem likely that attitude will change given that he's a multi-billionaire.

Second Mobile phone Apps' various variations of Cover My Text message or Hide My Calls append to the app's name a explanation of the icon: In addition to the baseball icon in these screenshots, you can find one with a handbag (for a decoy application called Shopper), for example. There's a good version that has no icon: Hide My Text-Invisible launches from a button that only appears when you touch an area of a black screen.

3. WhatsApp New Audio Picker: In future, WhatsApp will redesign its sound features where users will be able to play the music before sending it with their contacts. In addition to this, all the audio files downloaded in your phone will also be detailed in the app. WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.1 version will also allow you to send a maximum of 30 audio data files together in a chance. Share non-stop music with your friends.

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