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In case your smartphone operates Android Marshmallow, you can take benefit of Android Direct Share feature in WhatsApp. Which means that a consumer can discuss a website with their favourite groups or contacts from the share page itself. The share screen automatically shows the connections your are most energetic with on the share page. This saves the user a vacation to WhatsApp for sharing a link.

Facebook's big problem is reeling back users like Jacob Robinson, a 15-12 months old high school pupil in Newcastle upon Tyne in the U.K., who said the Kik messaging app "blew up" among his friends about half a year ago. It has remained the most-used application on his Android mobile phone since it is the easiest way for him to send different kinds of multimedia for free, which he approximated he will about 200 times a day.

To mark a note as your preferred, select it for a second and then touch the superstar icon on the left. Once you want to gain access to the bookmarked communications, go to Favorites in the low left corner of Whatsapp if you're using an iPhone. If you're using an Android, you will get your favorited communications by clicking on the three-dot icon in Outgoing Messages.

WhatsApp already brands forwarded communications and instituted forwarding limitations after viral rumors of child abductions and child traffickers in India were linked to nearly twelve deaths. In Brazil, some reporters speculated that misinformation about the yellowish fever vaccine on the app caused the disease to resurge in unprecedented quantities.

Both a blessing and a curse, WhatsApp's ticks-based system shows when your sent text messages have been shipped (one grey tick), received (two gray ticks) and read (two blue ticks). Regrettably, it also makes it tough to ignore someone without upsetting them. Luckily, pagina web de la compañia there are ways to covertly read your text messages, without those blue ticks showing up on your friend's screen.
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