In South Korea, an officetel(Korean: cedar), a little building with either residential or industrial units, is a multi-use structure with a main room and several smaller rooms on the walls. This is ordinarily a kind of studio apartment. An officetel is planned to be a largely self explanatory unit, so that its residents can work and live in the exact same area, minimizing commutation time. To put it differently, an officetel has either a kitchen and a living space, with some using additional facilities such as lifts, covered patios and outdoor decks.

Finding an officetel in Seoul is relatively easy. There are many companies that market offering private apartments in this town. They generally have their own website where you are able to take a look at the properties and reserve an appointment. Many have rooms available in various price ranges, but you might want to inquire if they have some special deals for first-timers. Some apartments even arrive with attached pools and gyms.

The average rent for a private residential device in Seoul is approximately two million won (USD), which includes tax. Obviously, prices vary based on how big the flat, location and the services provided by the landlord. Most Korean owners choose flats in central Seoul, at the center of the business district. A good example of a Seoul office area which is included with a residential component is your Sojung Restaurant at Mallipo, near the central business district of Seoul.

Aside from its own being conveniently situated within the business district, Sojung Restaurant in Mallipo has excellent views of the seoul, and it is also close to many tourist spots. The commercialization of the area has led to an increase in demand for flats in Mallipo. Many landlords decide on a studio apartment over a one-bedroom apartment, as there are lots of high-rise structures nearby. Studio flats in Seoul, such as all other private homes, require appropriate maintenance and financial investment. You will have to make the monthly rental payments according to the speed of inflation.

If you are not keen on living in a studio apartment, you may want to think about looking for apartments in different parts of Seoul. Some popular Seoul buildings include Sinchang-dong, Seoraek-dong, and Jiri Suhumvit, all situated within walking distance of Seoul's central business district. These complexes offer various apartment sizes and attributes. They are excellent for corporate housing or extended stay rentals.

If you are opting for a permanent residence in Seoul, then you should look for seoul apartment buildings that are within walking distance of tourist attractions like Gyeongsbok-dong, Busan Eulogy Hall, and Jiri Suhumvit, all which are within several blocks from the main gate of Incheon International Airport. Some buildings with large structures also have a high-rise. These complexes normally require a higher deposit than the studio apartments do. But, you'll also get more safety and conveniences.

Many tourists also choose to rent a flat in Goshiwon. This region of Seoul is famous for its hotels and resorts. In the event you are looking for accommodation with an opinion, you can decide on a studio flat in Goshiwon. However, if you prefer the seclusion and privacy of a one-bedroom apartment, you need to rent a apartment in another neighboring area, like Jiri Suhumvit or Jiri Taegan.

The OEON Park is considered as one of the finest and trendiest hotels in Korea. Many expats rent apartments here so as to save expenses once they come to visit Korea. OEON apartments also have a reputation for being great resorts and hostels that provide superior service and cuisine. If you're planning to go to Korea one shortly, consider having your breakfast in among those OEON Park Seoul apartments.

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