Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is the capital city of Israel (also known as the Holy Land). It lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the northern edge of the Dead Sea, located in the Judean Mountains. The climate is characterized by Mediterranean climate, hot and dry summer while wet and mild winter.

To the world of Christianity, Jerusalem is very important for Jesus Christ lived and was crucified in the city. One of the most famous and significant sites is the Via Dolorosa or also known as "Way of Sorrows", it is the final path of Jesus Christ where it lead to the place where He was crucified and buried - the Golgotha Hills.

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The following places are the must-visit places in Jerusalem:

The City of David - it is the place built by King David. Recognized as the oldest settled neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo - it was recognized as a tiny little children's zoo. It has two main levels that houses most of the animal exhibit. It is surrounded by lake and waterfalls (with artificial water system), pools, large lawns and shady beauty spots.

Jerusalem Museums - this place have a lot of museums. Here are some of the museums found in Jerusalem:

1. The Bible Lands Museum - the world's only museum that displays the history of the Biblical period.

2. The Tower of David Museum - go back to a thousand years of history, go up the Old City bulwark enjoy the magnificent Sound and Light Show.

3. The Bloomfield Science Museum - it is the kids favorite! A lot of fun interactive activities for the little ones and the young at heart.

4. Rockefeller Museum - houses archeological discoveries found in the Holy Land during the British mandate period.

5. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art - the home of Cornegliano Veneto Synagogue, the place of worship of the community of Italian Jew.

King Davids Tomb - it is said that King David was buried there and also the kings after David. The place is also known as "sepulchers of the son of David."

Al Aksa Mosque - a building designed like a basilica with a narrow central nave flanked by six aisles. The south wall was decorated with mihrab or the prayer niche.

The Temple Mount - there are about 100 different structures such as great works of arts and craftsmanship and open Muslim prayer spots.

Dome of the Rock - one of the most familiar architectural glories of the world. It is an expression of the superiority of Islam.

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Mount of Olives - according to Christian beliefs, Jesus wandered in this place for 40 days after the crucifixion and ascended to heaven from a point on the hill. Also seen in this place is the Church of Mary Magdalene. It is known to be the most impressive church in Jerusalem.

The Old City Gates

1. Jaffa Gate - main entrance to the Old City.

2. Herod's Gate - entrance to the Muslim quarter.

3. Damascus Gate - busiest and the most magnificent gate.

4. New Gate - this gate leads into the Christian quarter.

5. Zion Gate - was used by Israel Defense Forces to enter and capture the city.

6. Dung Gate - closest in nearness to Temple Mount.

7. Lions Gate - entrance to Via Dolorosa.

8. Golden or Mercy Gate - facing the Mount Olives.

Religiously, there are endless things to do and to learn in this part of the Holy Land, Jerusalem.

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