In South Korea, a hotel or officetel (Korean:, a place where the term'hotel' or'portmanteau'port' is used), is a sort of multi-use structure with residential or business units built on its grounds. An officetel typically is designed to be an open, partially self-contained structure, so that its residents can fully live and work in the construction, maximizing commute time. There are many kinds of hotels in South Korea; some are large hotels, like the Cheonji Beach Hotel, which has over two hundred rooms. Others are small resorts, like the Jeju Island Hotel, which has fifty rooms.

A normal officetel will have a main entry, which could be open or closed, and will normally have a lobby, reception area, and banquet or meeting facilities. Amenities include a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gym, and swimming spa. As compared to a conventional hotel room, at least one of those facilities will be on the first floor, usually in a comfortable and smaller-sized room, and people will need to check in and out with a taxi, shuttle bus, or a pre-arranged pick up/drop off.

All rooms have private baths; however, these are usually small and don't have Jacuzzi tubs, televisions, beds, or other amenities. Some hotels have fitness facilities and outdoor pools, but they are often not well-maintained. As you would expect, there is usually a choice of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and discos. Each room will have its own entrance, and you're expected to cover the room, according to the hotel policy, as well as for the foods that you eat.

Almost all institutions charge for parking, as well as for using the swimming pool, indoor and outdoor spas, gym, and other amenities. There are often complimentary services offered, based on the resort policy, such as a free continental breakfast, or in some cases a free Wi-Fi link. In case a guest leaves their resort before check-in, they will receive a complimentary shuttle bus service to go back to the front desk. Another amenity is the use of a pulp channel and massaging areas. If you get hungry during your stay, there's a mini-bar stocked with coffee, water, and snacks, 통영오피 and you may cover your food with debit or credit cards.

Amenities vary according to the establishment. Some have televisions with VCRs, DVD players, and cable access, as well as phone lines with Ethernet links. If you stay in a four-star hotel, you will find a complete service desk with a high level of customer support. They may even offer airport transfer services. Hotels which are run by chains provide higher rates, but you should still expect a high degree of customer service. You can generally expect to pay about $20 per night for a room that includes a television, telephone line, continental breakfast, and a free bag of coffee during the day.

If you're traveling with small children, you may wish to consider a hotel that offers child-friendly amenities. Some hotels provide a babysitting service at the front desk (with parent/child consent). Some clubs have children's fitness facilities where parents can work out with their children. These amenities can be found throughout the hotel. Some also have a kids club with basketball courts, playgrounds, swimming pools, and other recreational activities.

Amenities vary according to the club. Some clubs have televisions with VCR's, DVD players, Wi-Fi access, and other free wi-fi options. In addition, many resorts include televisions with DVD players and other fitness centers, and provide indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, and other fitness amenities.

Please view this information as if it were gospel, as what's listed above is what every resort has committed to when it comes to their guest's comfort. Please bear in mind that if you stay at a hotel that does not list this amenity on their website, it is likely that they do not have this amenity. If you choose to stay in a hotel that does offer this free amenity, please take into consideration that the hotel may not offer you this certain amenity if you stay at a hotel that does not accept your reservation for a room. If you check out the amenities after you have booked your area, you may realize that the hotel really does offer this option.

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