The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a one of a kind dynamic group of individuals dedicated to the divine vision of safeguarding, protecting and defending the Jewish communities and the Eretz Yisreal.

They will continue with their dedicated endeavors until their aspiration of making the State of Israel totally secure is a reality and until the moment redeemer comes to Zion. With charismatic leader Dr. Mike Evans at the helm of this insightful group you can also pray for eternal peace of Jerusalem as well as stay up to date of things that are really taking place in the Middle East by joining the

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The Jerusalem Prayer Team represents a non-denominational organization where any member can sign up to become part of a truly unique prophecy.

The organization embraces all interested persons from any part of the world as their members. It does not procure funds or solicit any other sort of assistance from the Nation of Israel in their quest to make their aspirations come true. The site is dedicated to providing everything you need to find out about this special prayer group and about the activities, expressions of some of the prominent Jerusalem Prayers and interact with them.

The word Zion has many implications to different religions in the world.

According to this website the Zion Defender is a person willing to make a commitment of a monthly donation to augment and support the committee activities of the Jerusalem Prayer Team. The funds are utilized to meet a variety of human needs of the Israeli Jewish people from providing them with basic essentials like coats, blankets and to making necessary home repairs for those in desperate need.

The website contains articles about the plight of the Jewish people in Israel, the manifold problems faced by the Israel leaders as well as many other significant topics that will keep your eyes open to a dilemma that is not publicized in its true facade to the world.

The sheer forceful dedication and strength of the members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team has paid off with the team being able to earn many inspiring endorsements from prominent national Christian leaders like Joel Osteen, John Maxwell, Pat Robertson to USA ex-President George Bush and Ariel Sharon from Israeli the list continues to be highly impressive.

The ultimate goal of the Team is to create a strong voice among one million followers in US alone so that this powerful force will continue to pray daily as once voice. A Zion Defender is entitled to an autographed copy of the 'The Prayer of David' the celebrated book written by Dr.

Mike Evans and a custom designed lapel pin earmarking him as a Defender of Zion. You can also find out more information about many other inspirational books authored by Dr. Evans including The Final Move, The Showdown with Nuclear Iran and Beyond Iraq, the next move etc.

Visit and find out more about one of the world's most powerful and largest prayer movements with a sole and a unique dedication to safeguard the State of Israel.

Join to spread peace around the world.
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